Undergraduate Women’s Leadership Institute

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About The Institute

The Leadership Institute for Undergraduate Women provides a forum for the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education to nurture the leadership potential of women students.It creates an experience that empowers women as leaders, presents successful models of leadership through dialogue and collaboration, challenges women to realize their full potential as leaders, and connects women with other women who are committed to social change.


Format of the Institute

Instructional sessions are conducted by talented women from the PASSHE system who contribute not only to the content of learning activities, but also serve as role models and potential mentors.All sessions are interactive, requiring participants to engage in discussions, role plays, and simulations.Students meet in small groups to process and apply information as well as learn from each other’s experiences.

Guest speakers, outdoor recreation, and team building exercises also create multiple learning opportunities.Additionally, literature, music, and videos about women and women’s issues are available on site.

Student Application Information

Universities determine their own criteria for selecting students.Universities are strongly encouraged to select applicants who exhibit the potential for leadership, rather than those female undergraduates who already possess the requisite leadership skills to positively affect their campuses and communities. When each university has forwarded the names, email addresses, and phone numbers of student participants to the Consortium, students will be contacted to provide additional information.

The consortium encourages each campus to send two students to the institute; depending on space and availability, we are happy to accommodate more participants. We request that the selection process on your campuses identify two selected participants and two alternate participants, should the winners be unable to attend the institute for any reason.

We also request that campus selection process concretely ask for and identify the transportation requirements to and from Mount Asbury Retreat Center for your selected participants. Travel is the responsibility of the participants.


Campuses canceling their student attendance at the institute after May 1st will be required to pay a cancelation fee of 650 dollars (the full institute fees). The PASSHE Women’s Consortium is contracted with Mount Asbury for the duration of the institute based on the information you provide us. Breaking the contract with the retreat center results in penalties for the consortium.

Participant Responsibilities

After being selected to participate in the Institute, students are expected to complete all participant registration forms and releases.These forms and releases indicate the student’s understanding that she will make and pay for travel arrangements to and from the Institute and will stay at Mount Asbury Retreat Center for the duration of the Institute.Participants also agree to adhere to all rules and regulations of Mount Asbury, including no consumption or furnishing of alcohol or other drugs.Violation of any regulation may result in immediate dismissal of the participant from the Institute and eviction from the Mount Asbury Retreat Center at their own expense. Any judicial or legal charges brought by Mount Asbury Retreat Center because of policy violation will be directed to the students and not the PASSHE Women’s Consortium.

Participants are expected to read the materials provided before attending the Institute and be active participants in discussions.Upon returning to their universities for the 2021-2022 Academic Year, participants are expected to report back to their campus contacts and organize a project that enriches the climate for women on their campus.Participants are expected to provide a final written report to the PASSHE Women’s Consortium about the success of their project.


Student participant costs include lodging, meals, and educational materials. Participants are responsible for transportation to and from the Institute, as well as personal expenses incurred during the week. The cost per student is $650.

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"I am extremely motivated to do everything I possibly can to help create a safer environment for everyone on campus. I will refer back to my experiences here to help guide my own path and help others in a more inclusive way. Some sessions, I wish I had recorded so I can shove it in people's faces to educate them when they argue the relevance of feminism." Ariel, East Stroudsburg University

"It motivated me to build connections and work to establish lasting changes. I now have a group of women I can contact if I need help, and I learned a lot about my personal strengths as a leader." Rachel, Mansfield University

"It has impacted me greatly! I have learned a lot to share and educate my peers and I feel very empowered and capable of doing great things before graduating. One of the greatest experience! You meet other great women, discover a lot about yourself, and are prepared to take on the world." Madeline, Shippensburg University

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