What attendees are saying

"I am extremely motivated to do everything I possibly can to help create a safer environment for everyone on campus. I will refer back to my experiences here to help guide my own path and help others in a more inclusive way. Some sessions, I wish I had recorded so I can shove it in people's faces to educate them when they argue the relevance of feminism."
Ariel, East Stroudsburg University
"It motivated me to build connections and work to establish lasting changes. I now have a group of women I can contact if I need help, and I learned a lot about my personal strengths as a leader."
Rachel, Mansfield University
"It has impacted me greatly! I have learned a lot to share and educate my peers and I feel very empowered and capable of doing great things before graduating. One of the greatest experience! You meet other great women, discover a lot about yourself, and are prepared to take on the world."
Madeline, Shippensburg University
"I feel that it has given me the tools I need to get more involved in my campus. It has inspired and empowered me. I will carry this empowerment for my whole life."
Participant, Bloomsburg University
"The connections to other campuses are very important and will help me know the PASSHE climate better. I'll remember it as a turning point in my perception of myself as a woman."
Jo, Lock Haven University