What attendees are saying

“The entire institute was wonderful. It filled a void for faculty women.”
“…An excellent program. I gained not only needed information, but the support to return and do what I thought I couldn't do. The speakers were very inspirational.”
“Super! A unique and inspiring experience- this week has been extremely valuable for me. Thank you!”
“…The speakers were very much models of what they were presenting. It was an excellent idea to use women within the State System so that we could begin to network with them.”
[The Institute] provided a great opportunity for us to learn about leadership, to meet, [and] to discuss issues we are all concerned about. Collegiality is a great byproduct, we certainly learned from speakers and each other.”
The experiences I had at the Institute prepared me and gave me the confidence to take on these leadership roles and do them well.
The sessions on negotiating, communication and different styles of leadership were invaluable years later as I chaired university committees and served as Department Chair.
The Leadership Institute for Faculty Women was the best professional experience I have had in my 17 years in the PASSHE system.